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Uplifting Business
Provided bicycle to up lifting the economic of the vulnerable family
Permanent House for Vulnerable Families
A permanent house newly contracted and handed over to the beneficiaries
Gender Program
Gender Program

Rural Economic and Community Development Organization

RECDO (Rural Economic and Community Development Organization) was founded in January 1999, as a community-based organization. It started as a local humanitarian response in supporting ethno-religiously diverse communities in Sri Lanka’s northeast.

While the organization has grown in size and capacity, it firmly remains grassroots and primarily volunteer-driven. Today RECDO supports a gamut of community building projects which center around people’s initiatives and capacities to rebuild their lives after long years of civil war. Our work therefore addresses everyday issues as diverse as water and food security, emergency disaster relief, primary healthcare, formal education, vocational training, gender-sensitive social entrepreneurship, community leadership strengthening and more, whilst remaining faithful to RECDO’s core cause: bringing together diverse communities that have braved communal distrust and social upheaval during thirty years of protracted armed conflict.

RECDO has gone on to winning several accolades, including the Mahatma Gandhi and the Naro Udeshi Awards in 2010.

Urgent Need for Permanent House

Urgent need of permanent houses for vulnerable families who are living in rural village in Trincomalee district

Latest News

RECDO has been working on programmes pertaining to media literacy and awareness on cyber-crimes.

administrator – 12 October, 2021 / 10:09 am
WRECDO has been working on programmes pertaining to media literacy and awareness on cyber-crimes. We focus on such questions as how to identify and…
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The Catch-up School Programme

administrator – 19 October, 2018 / 11:16 pm
The project entailed serving children in IDP camps and other make shift shelters that were affected by conflict and/or natural disasters. Till date, over…
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Our Success Stories

Arguably, there is nothing called a ‘failed’ project. Every initiative has something to teach us, and projects that are deemed as being successful, often possess elements that show us ways on how to re-model our work and critically reflect on our strategies. The following projects are regarded as some of RECDO’s flagship initiatives, where possible, much of its learning outcomes have been shared with other NGOs and community partners.