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Vocational Training Programme: Sewing School

Inspired by the social organization of a cottage industry, the first skills training center will comprise a sewing school. Once the pilot phase is over, the facility is designed to run like a small self-governed group social entrepreneurial establishment that will generate its own income through product design and manufacture. Apart from providing NITA-certified skills training (over a six month period), its beneficiaries will also be schooled in the art of running a small business. The beneficiaries of the center comprise primarily young women (together with widows) from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds between the ages of 18-28, drawn from across the entire district.  The main objectives of the center are to equip young women with new skills and thereby a steady source of income through which they may support their families and fulfill their life aspirations.
20 students will be selected for each cohort depending on their motivation and commitment to the programme. Those that graduate will form a support group of ‘Big Sisters’ that outreach and mentor other beneficiaries

2012 (last quarter)


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