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Women’s Wing

RECDO has organizationally supported a women´s wing since 2010. We focus on a range of concerns with regard to the well-being and agency of multi-ethnic/religious women. Within this context we have been trying to initiative community-based organizations, driven by the aim of seeing them function independently. The core themes focused upon in the past have included gendered and family-based violence, savings and economic self-sufficiency, and political participation. Given the diversity of women´s groups including those of young female adults, we propose to facilitate the creation of a forum that brings these associations and collectives together. In doing so we plan on partnering with a variety of stakeholders from state agencies, the educational and NGO sectors, arts and media, livelihoods-based cooperatives and other grassroots entities. As a platform for discussion, open engagement and capacity development, the proposed forum would involve discussions around the following themes and topics (although not exclusively):

– Women´s political participation and representation in formal party politics;

– Economic self-sufficiency through capacity development for small and medium entrepreneurial businesses, including social enterprises;
– Skills and other acumen needed for continuing education;
– Methods and support structures for the formation of formal and semi-formal groups for better collective action (e.g. livelihood-based cooperatives)


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